Ramón Huidobro Organiser

Ramón is a kids' coding instructor from Chile and freelance software dev. He likes to introduce people to coding more than he enjoys coding itself. If you want pointless Nintendo trivia, look no further than Ramón! He most likely wouldn't love his career as much as he does were it not for the conferences and their respective communities.

Pilar Andrea Huidobro Peltier Organiser

Pilar is a strange, small human that is trying to make the world a better place and bring people happiness. She spends a lot of her time telling computers what to do. She is passionate about dogs and videogames and that’s probably why Pilar can’t stop adopting dogs or talking about videogames. Her biggest strength is being very open-minded and empathetic and that allows her to make things comfortable for everyone. A secret? She is an undercover dog.

Laura Bârlădeanu Organiser

Full stack software engineer, tech lead at Meister, sports fanatic, cat person, loves people and technology. Rails Girls coach and organiser. Vienna based, originally from Romania.

Vincent Oord Organiser

Freelance Product Developer. Loves Rails and Elixir. Vienna based, but originally from The Netherlands

Daniel Schweighöfer Organiser

Senior Backend Developer from Berlin. Trying to make the world a better place for everyone.

Kostas Rousis Organiser

Kostas leads the engineering team of samedi GmbH, where he currently serves as CIO. He is interested in Ruby, clean code and well-architected systems. He is also keen to see diverse and inclusive workplaces, to form happy and productive teams, and to achieve a healthy work-life balance.

Gábor Jekkel Design technologist

Junior Frontend Developer, Design Technologist at Meister. Likes both watching and doing all kind of sports, reading books or playing guitar. Vienna based, originally from Hungary.