Open Source Poster Presentations

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The speakers for this year’s conference are already revealed and we have an exciting lineup waiting for you - check out our speakers!

In addition to the standard speaker CFP and the on-site lightning talk selection we also like to try something new this year: Open Source Poster Presentations!

Do you have a favorite open source Ruby library or application that doesn’t get the attention you think it deserves? Or are you a maintainer in search of new contributers? Would you like the chance to describe and promote a project you admire at the conference? Then the Open Source Poster Presentation Call is for you.

Describe the open source Ruby project for which you would like to create a poster and why it should be selected. If your poster is selected, it will be put up at the conference venue visible for all attendees, easily sparking conversations between you and the attendees!

You will find all the details and requirements (one pre-condition is having a ticket to EuRuKo) in the CFP form. Fill it out yourself and spread the word until August 12th 17th 23:59 UTC!

That’s all for now!

Looking forward to a great conference with the Ruby community,

the EuRuKo2018 collective